Day O87 – I’m getting recognition

Today was average!

Before leaving office I read some pages of tesla’s autobiography.

In office it’s my one of the least productive day, I haven’t done a single task by myself but I mentor other engineer to complete so many tasks so overall productive day as a team:) due to my health condition I’m still unable to concentrate on my work properly, it’s getting difficult for me to say in office, I’m not being comfortable in office there’s days.

Before day end team leads were having meeting with each other they are compiling or writing some common modules so that game development process will become fast and smooth for other engineer’s, one of them call me and he asked he I have heard you have done some good work and I have seen one of your plugins, then our talk went more than hour, and you know what most of the stuff I was talking about lead don’t know about:) and in the end I showed him my work and he was very impressed he said very impressive work. So it feels good when those people appreciate you who are considered rock star developer.

At night I went for jogging and did ~ 3k jogging.

That’s all for today.

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