Friday checking cows day

spend the day checking cows so 12 hours me and my horse hard to get in trouble when it’s just you and the horse on 234,000 acres  cause he doesn’t care what you do or say never argues, and not much you can do but ride the horse when you have  one socked foot  in the middle of nowhere ,it’s kinda weird never rode my horse missing one of my boots but when you play truth or dare with your boot and lose you gotta live with the outcome, it’s so peaceful you can think about the dumb things you do to be in trouble and how lucky a 14-year-old kid is to live in a place like this  and be able to look at this open space god gave us. then there is the fact my mom just lets me take off for hours on this place and trust me enough or maybe trust the horse to take care of me. but either way gotta
be some of the luckiest teens around with the life we all have out here.  I do hate it gives you time to think about how bad you act sometimes and how it makes you feel bad and causes you to think about the way you talk to your mom.or try to lie your way out of doing something stupid like trying to kick your boot over a bonfire and it falling short then lying about it when ask why you’re only wearing one boot and digging the hole so deep you would weather wear one than being ground all summer and if you would have just said I did this and it was dumb. but now made such a big mess now mom says I gotta decided my punishment or be grounded the rest of summer and I don’t want to be grounded all summer even though I caused it guess that’s why she sent me to check cows so I could reflect on the way I been acting the last month 


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