Friday July 7th

I feel much better today than yesterday. Yesterday my ear and throat were killing me. I went to the doctor and I don’t have strep, which I didn’t think I did, but the doc gave me an antibiotic because my ear drum was bulging, which is an indication of an ear infection. She was also very concerned about my wheezy lungs. She set me up an appointment to go to see a lung doctor. That is probably a really good idea. I have had a cough since last summer. My breathing is not good. They gave me 2 breathing treatments yesterday and I could still not blow the flow meter past 250. The freaking scale starts at 300, so I can’t even make the scale. I should be breathing at about a 440. I am not going to worry about it, though. There’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t smoke, I am trying to exercise daily, I am trying to eat healthy. I am taking my medicine every day. I am checking all the boxes, so I’m doing all I can. 

I went to rowing this morning at engine room. I like that place the best. That is the place I will join if I join one. They are so nice and welcoming there. Those guys just really want you to understand and use the machine properly. The teacher this morning stayed after the class and worked with me for 20-30 minutes to make sure I had my form correct. 

I started working on my online classes last night. I think I should be able to get both finished with no issues pretty easily before school starts back. They will give me the 4 hours I need to qualify for the pay raise. That raise is about $3000 a year. That will be nice to have. 

The guy that was supposed to help me with my apartment deal has not responded to the email I sent him. I hope he hasn’t crapped out on me. Ugh. I REALLY would be so happy if my apartment was rent stabilized. It’s so crazy to have to worry about where you are going to live from year to year. It’s just a NYC thing. They can jack your rent up by $500 if they want. The landlords take a gamble that you will pay it because you don’t want to move and moving costs so much here because you usually have to pay a broker 15% of a year’s rent. So with first month’s rent, deposit, and broker fee, we’re talking 8-10k in one fail swoop. There are some no fee apartments, but the chances of finding no fee AND rent stabilized in an area I would like are pretty fucking slim. I’m not moving any further up. I’m just not. There’s shit going down in the Bronx every day. A lady cop got shot sitting in a marked police truck just a few days ago. She was just sitting there- in uniform – in a police vehicle. Those mother fuckers up there are nuts. I am going to stay put until my lease is up and we’ll see what they do about raising my rent. If they try to raise it even $5, I will send a letter requesting it not be raised. I will bring up the fact that I haven’t – may still not have- a working stove since I’ve lived here. The rent stabilized people not only got a rent reduction for that issue, they got to have their rent rolled back to the amount it was on their previous lease. When you are market rent, you can’t say shit or you will get labeled a “problem tenant” and they will jack your rent to try to get you to move, or even worse, you can get “black listed” and no one will rent to you. That shit is crazy. If you don’t have a rent stabilized apartment, you are completely at the mercy of the landlord. It sucks. 

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