Ice Queen

Alone; one of the easiest ways for one to be content with themselves. 

I used to be known by most as the ‘Ice Queen’ or ‘The Bitch’ of my circle. I was well known to tell the brutal truth, have savage comments, not show any emotions or even allow for anyone to get close to me. I was quite content living that way, not getting affected by any sort of turmoil or occurrences in my life. I was content being alone.

However, now that I met someone who was capable of breaking down the walls I built up. Protecting myself, never admitting that I felt anything towards anyone. She got in my head and now she won’t leave it.

The inside joke of me being heartless or dead inside, no longer hangs in the air. This woman, thawed my heart and broke down all my walls. She made me feel such incredible things, showed me what love is and opened my eyes to a whole new world of things.

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