In Need Of Advice

My partner and I have been together for almost 3 years and we have a 1 year old together. He and I have very different family relationships. I talk to my mum and my sister a minimum of 4 times a day, i lived with them my whole life (until i had my daughter) and my sister is my only friend, my best friend! My partner on the other hand can go weeks without speaking to his parents. they get along well and aren’t fighting or anything but it is just normal for them to not communicate and here is where my dilemma starts. 

Because i cherish my relationship with my family so much i want my daughter to spend time with them as much as she can so she will value family the same way i do but my partner has this rule that family and friends can only see her once a week. If i visit my sister on Monday for lunch then i can’t take my daughter to see her again that week. He said once that he doesn’t like the fact that he goes to work all day while she is spending time with everyone else which i completely understand but i don’t see the harm in her spending time with her family members. I guess i just need advice on whether i should be bothered by that or not. As i said at the beginning my sister is my only friend so if i don’t socialise with her then i don’t really get other adult interactions so it is also for my sanity. If someone can help me understand more of his issues around it please feel free to comment. I am just really struggling to see the harm….

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  1. hi surrender91 ..i would be bothered by that if my other half set rules like this..she’s ur baby too i’m not sure why he would have a problem with meeting family members ..thats just weird. i would tell him how i felt about these rules and ask him why he set them. ur not his child ur his other half communication is important. you should both agree and things like this. im sorry if my comment doesnt make sense. i just stating my opinion.

  2. Thank you for your comment raven2424. It is reassuring knowing that i’m not being selfish by not understanding where he is coming from.

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