tired of him haunting my thoughts

you ever met a person and think they are the one? “he” was my “i think hes the one” the blue eyed snake i mentioned the other day..he haunts me in my dreams always..i can not get over the face that he just up and left me like he did i though he was different than the others i have been with…he shattered my heart to tiny pieces they lay in a box in a dark corner of my chest. i am coping better with this though im not crying as much as i used to..my boyfriend is always working so i can no longer vent to him sucks ass. god! i’d sell everything i had just to be with him one last time ..he was fireworks on the 4th of july he was the high i got when smoking ..he was everything. my everything..but he left in a coward way..ill never forgive him..at the time i cursed his name i dont do tht anymore ..he destroys his life perfectly on his own. sorry for on going rants about him..my life is not awesome right now.

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