You don’t have to hit her to hurt her. There are so many ways to cause her pain and you only need to take your pick.

You can start by not keeping your vow that you will always love her, no matter what. Were those just words to you? We all have our flaws, but why not fix yours first as an example?

Why does it always have to be other people’s faults? Who died and made you God? What makes you believe that you’re always oh-so-picture-perfect? Is it because you’re a man? Is it a non-debatable privilege everyone should accept and understand?

Then you continue by picking on her looks. How she never dresses up more just for you. How sloppy she is at home, unlike The Stepford Wife material you’ve imagined – and expected – her to be. Many thanks to patriarchy, this is how you’ve been raised. Women are supposed to be your servants. Your every wish should be their command, no argument. Why is it so bloody hard for them to understand?

Oh, right. Next you’re going to say that they never use their brains. How typical. You always think too highly of your kind, claiming that women are merely creatures of emotions.

You don’t have to hit her. All you have to do is keep making her feel ugly and worthless. Just act like everything she does is wrong. It’s always her fault. She’s never good enough, no matter what.

Call her stupid or idiot, even in front of other people. Make her cry and walk away. It’s always about what you want, eh? Society and some religious interpretations (or perhaps more like mis-interpretations) will always support you. In their eyes, hearts, and minds, you can never do anything wrong.

You don’t have to hit her. The hardest punch comes from how you disregard her in front of the kids. Don’t mind them. What do they know anyway? They’re just little kids. They still don’t understand the complexities of adults. It doesn’t matter if they claim that they hate you for always making their mommy cry.

Dismiss that. They’ll get over it anyway. That’s what you always believe. They’re just kids. They don’t even know what they’re saying.

As if that’s still not bad enough, you bitch about her constantly on social media. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!

You don’t have to hit her to hurt her. You’re doing more than enough already. It’s not just her; it’s the people around her. Too bad, not many dare take a stand for her, claiming that it’s also none of their business.

You don’t have to hit her. It doesn’t have to be physical, but you’ve already hurt her. You do that everyday, just to make you feel good. Just to make you feel powerful. Anything for your wretched ego.

Enough. This should end NOW.

You may think you always get away with everything, but bear in mind with this one:

God never sleeps.


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