[8] ~*Sat – 07/08/17*~

[10:30 pm]

Yep. I went to bed at like 3 am and woke up at 2 pm today. I could of woken up earlier and done some stuff since I had a cancellation but of course, if I don’t have to be up I won’t get up. Hub went to bed at I don’t know what time but it was after me and he got up before me. I wish I was like him and didn’t stay in bed for ever. I always plan to get up way before I have to work when I can sleep more than 10 hrs but I never do. I wake up, check the time and when I see I still have time to sleep I just change my alarm to sleep until the last minute. 

So beside sleeping till 2 pm, I went to see Spiderman which was OK. I’m not too much of a fan of Spiderman. Anyways, of course I had plans to meet sister at the restaurant after work cause I wanted to see my goddaughter but I was running late cause lately my client been going to his mom on Sat, of course when I have plans he doesn’t and wants to go eat. Bleh!

No too much beside that. The lil one was so happy to see me and she’s so cute. I wish they were still living in town so I could see her way more. Now I see her every few months. I’m also very thankful to sis to have choosing me as godmother as I can’t have kids but at least I have her. The older one isn’t so attached to me so I’m glad I at least get to have my lil special one. She warmed my heart as when I got to the restaurant she was sitting beside her mom but she made her move so I could sit beside her and she kept hugging me. 

Hub cleaned the suggies kitchen again. So far so good but it’s only day 2. I still haven’t giving him any tags. I’m so mean!

I really want to go spend a night in that jail cell and bring my mom. I’ve been trying to book online but it’s a little weird and I can’t seem to find contact info for the guy so we might just drive up there on Tue and see as it’s only about half an hour away. Only thing now is that, of course, they don’t have a/c in the cells so I wonder how hot it can be during the night. As knowing that I’m not sure I want to go during summer anymore. I might wait for Oct or Nov. If we don’t go this month I’ll have to find something else to do when mom comes cause I told her I had something planned.   




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