AP scores.

Today the AP scores for Texas students came out.

I only took the two tests, but I was scared as all hell of failing either. Turns out I passed both.

I got a 5 on my English exam and a 3 on my Physics exam. The joy of getting the five mostly clears up the disappointment of making a measly three. I mean, only twenty percent of the people who took Physics 1 made a three, and sixty percent failed, so I guess my score wasn’t that bad?

At least I didn’t disappoint my English teacher.

Next year I’ve decided to skip taking the AP tests for most of my classes. I’m taking so many classes (Computer Science, English, Physics, Calculus BC, Psychology, Government, Microeconomics) that it just wouldn’t be worth it to take all of the exams since by the time AP testing season rolls around, I’ll definitely already know which college I’m going to anyway.

Now I have to take my SAT in August. I really, really have to do better on it this time.

2 thoughts on “AP scores.”

  1. Good luck with all your tests PrettyInBlack 🙂

  2. Congratulations on passing! You seem to be doing well, so keep up the hard work for next year, although don’t work too hard to the point of burning out! ^-^

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