Confessions of an Anonymous Star 7.8 (Connect by Drake)

A nu-nu, I met makin’ one of my many webpages, right. She wants to be a part of my engine. We’ll see. This type of s*** happens nearly everyday 4 me. 😉 

The Day/Life in General, Up To This Point: 

I never really liked or intended for things to get dreary, dirty, or downtrodden, yet such seems to jus derive out of either nowhere, or expected…

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate texting. I just don’t feel it…It’s that simple. That time lapse between people ya don’t really wanna talk to, doin’ b.s., that you gotta formulate through, until they reply back, for you to spit some more b.s. back to? Nah, not feelin’ it….

Anywho, I had to block two people today. One was a usual, the other, not so much, but they were both kinda asking for it. They’d been disrespectful regarding business & socializing, and I simply don’t play that s***. (You should n’t either…)

I have also started deleting affirmations. There has just been too much negativity from it, or just in general. It’s been so overwhelming and repetitive, that I had to invoke some sort of change. I did it for me…on some inner self respect type of s***…

Losin’ Control by Russ

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