Day 28 of Sobriety

     Day # 28 Saturday! Had a great night at work! It was busy and I had to close two departments – but it was productive! I watched a movie after a jog, ate a ton of protein and in all honesty, I feel freaking great!! 

     I have some things on my mind involving LLS that I have to work through! I mean, She’s pretty great but I keep having these feelings of indifference! It’s like my mind saying “If things work out, cool but if they don’t, that’s cool too.” It’s an uneasy feeling actually that I’ll dive into on here in the next few days because it is bothering me and bringing on feelings of guilt. 

     I quit drinking for myself, but I was also at first hoping that LLS would be more supportive. It’s very conflicting because on Thursday and Friday She was as great as She probably can be considering what took place! 

But I’ll dive into that later. I do need some time to think! I need to go for a jog. 

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