Day 498 – Finally Friday

Friday, July 7th 2017

This week felt like an eternity. Now I can finally sleep in.

Today was as usual. It was a bit funnier. I had a new partner that made me try a small fork lift that you don’t sit in, but walk around with. I only did for a bit until he took over, since I probably looked too nervous. In reality, I was just wondering if I was even allowed to use it. Anyway, I went back to the other partner I usually have in the afternoon, since the other one didn’t require me much. He’d call me over now and then, though. At some point I helped him move some sheets and I was holding the wheel sort of table the wrong way, where my thumbs were inside the pocket where bars were that can be put on the edges of the table for easier maneuvering and safety. I realised why safety after he described if we bumped into something, the metal would slide and cut my thumbs badly. He even said “hold on, let me get my phone”. I knew exactly what he was going to show me, and that was bloody cut, wounds and stitchds. He told me because of him, they put in the bars for the tables. It was gross to see, but it does scare you into being extra safe. Instead, he showed me the correct way of holding the table, without the bars, since those can take a while sometimes to take them out and put them in, then put them back down, and so on. According to him, it was because of him they added the bars for safety.

Things went by as usual and I sat with the same guy that knew my uncle. We talked about spicy food and coffee, and how I’m bringing iced cappuccinos to work from now on to not die of fatigue. Then I went back to work and around the last thirty minutes, the guy that showed me the pictures walked around with a paper, obviously pretending to write on it without a pen or pencil. He was trying to see if the foreman would notice. He never noticed, haha.

When the day ended (finally) I went to sit at the picnic table outside to wait for my mom, and I noticed a pass. I picked it up, and gave it to the foreman, who gave it to the guy that was right there. Then I went back, waited, got picked up and went home. At home I just lounged around and Driver messaged me. He dropped a couple of red flags. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt though and still go on the date. Things might turn out to be better in person than through text.

I watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural and read quite a bit of the driver’s guide. I’m going to bed now and hope I pass my written driving exam the first time.

That’s all for today.

3 thoughts on “Day 498 – Finally Friday”

  1. Um, that sounds a bit worrying…what kind of red flags were they? Hopefully nothing too serious. Maybe you’re right and things will go better on the date, but remember to be safe and let your parents know everything and be careful and stuff, and leave if things turn out weird.

  2. @PrettgInBlack It’s alright, precautions are being made. Thanks for worrying though!

    @O 😀 And not stopping!

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