Day 8 – 30 Days of Summer

We’ve planted a garden for many years. I’m not a big gardener, so Jim usually tends to it and keeps it healthy and producing, but this year I’ve kind of taken it on and I’m enjoying it.  

Today when I was out weeding I remembered yesterday at Jenna’s.  She has a little garden and we were looking at it and I was pointing out the weeds.  I made a comment that she had just weeded in the morning but she’d missed so many.  She replied that she didn’t know if some of them were weeds or not.  It seemed so obvious to me which ones were; so I showed her the weeds and she pulled them.  A couple times she pointed and asked “is this a weed?”.

Tonight when I was in my garden it hit me….I’m the mom.  I’m the person my girls look to for guidance, to learn things and to follow traditions.  That’s how I learned….from my mom.  Even married and away from home for years I would still need to ask my mom how to do things and learn from her.  

We always think there will be enough time to learn all the things we need to know from our moms.  I thought there was more time; tomorrow, next week, maybe later.  And then one day time runs out and you can’t ask anymore questions. 

I hope my girls are learning from me and asking all the questions they need; and I want to be here for them until they’re the moms and are ready to teach their children what they know.  

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