My First Date

On July 06, 2017, I had my first date ever! AS IN FIRST DATE IN MY 22 YEARS OF EXISTENCE!

An unplanned date. Nothing fancy, just a beautiful casual day with someone special.

There’s this guy I met in college four years ago. Let’s call him Dominic. He likes, and well, I like him too. But my strict and overprotective parents had this rule where my sister —who’s a year younger than me and I can only have a boyfriend after we finish college. Which obviously leaves Dominic in a fight or flight situation. And happy to say, he chose to fight. Yeah, fight for love beybeh! Four years later, I’ve finally graduated college. Yay! Days, weeks, and months went by, but my parents never said a word about giving us their permission to have a boyfriend. Knowing how strict and overprotective the ‘rents are, especially when it comes to having a boyfriend, I never managed to pop up that big question until four months after graduation. Which was a week before D’s birthday.

I decided to gather all my courage (oh, the sleepless nights, headaches and the battling thoughts in my mind on whether I should or shouldn’t push through) to ask my parents. I went to ask mom first (it’s the safest move to stay alive, y’know). Thankfully, mom agreed and even had a positive vibe when she told me to “ask dad, why not?”. But it took me another few days to finally ask the scariest dad in the whole wide world. I resorted to IMessage, though. Hahaha! Just 2 nights before D’s birthday, I was already getting really distressed because it was just TWO freaking days away from D’s birthday but I still haven’t asked dad yet and I wanted to have my parent’s “official permission” as a surprise. So at 11:43pm I crazily (felt like I was out of my mind) typed the words, “Dad can I already have a bofriend/”date?” (In vernacular) and hit send. Just imagine the anxiety and all the crazy thoughts I had! I was like, okay, kill meeee noooow… Well, at least I finally managed to face my fears, right? And it’s just a question anyway. My message was “read” right away, but 10, 20, 30, 40 minutes have passed by and I still did not get a reply. Ouch, seenzoned. Maybe he’s really not yet ready to let me or my sister have a boyfriend, I thought to myself 🙁 But at 12:37am, dad finally replied. He didn’t give his answer yet but instead, told me to talk about it tomorrow and left me with a question, where we (Dominic and I) plan to go for our “date”.

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  1. I’m happy things turned out well for you in the end:) everyone deserves a little love. Hope you and Dominic are happy.
    best of luck!

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