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since I’m in a holding pattern as mom would say I been reading some of the other Journals and really have learned how sheltered my life is I mean even the lives of most people around where I live guess I never really thought about it, we have 15 teenagers in the hole area (example school district is 650 square miles) I can’t really say town cause there are only 95 people and that covers from newborn to like 95 most are over 60  most live on ranches, I read about boyfriend-girlfriend fights  lonely people unhappy people here everybody sticks together there’s not enough of us to fight with each other for long or pass judgment on anybody we fight but never long cause your alone if you do.I mean I’m 14  next to the youngest teen and the oldest is 17 we all hang together or we would be alone most times.

I don’t mean to sound mean I just never thought about what it was like in big places or how hard it must be or maybe should say how sheltered we are. we have bad things happen my dad passed 19 months ago but everyone in town was there for us my mom’s boyfriend which is not from around here is a jerk and other people have their problems but ,some of the things I read are just sad people talk about the way other people look or the way they look or being so sad about life, feeling different I can say in my little world we don’t look at these things or social standings I don’t mean it if it sounds mean what I’m saying I guess ,my point is we are lucky and  we don’t even know it 

I get in my share of trouble I’m in enough now to last me a year but I have no doubt how my mom feels about me or that I have people that would be here if I had a problem and know I could talk to any friend I have about anything or if I needed them they would be a line to help and anybody here knows they have the same. and our issues are pretty small in the big picture 

anyways just had to say that after reading some of these journals 

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