Saturday part I

I thought I would do this in stages since I have all day to think about it and it will happen in stages anyway 

Mom gave everyone the day off so the new ranch hands and their families could settle in and look around so thought I had a free day until she comes into my room and announced we need to get your punishment settled what do you think should happen we need to cover all of it

  1. the ticket for driving on the road 
  2. your disrespect for me and Tom (her boyfriend) 
  3. leaving the horse gate open (not me)
  4. sneaking out once
  5. this mess you call a room I ask you to clean two weeks ago
  6. leaving 5 different shirts in the fields 
  7. your bathroom
  8. coming in after curfew 
  9. burning your boot beyond use and lying about it (was an accident)
  10. losing two phones 

then she broke it down as what to cover in the punishment 

  1. total on lost or destroyed items $735.00 covers most of it
  2. not cleaning your room or bathroom
  3. breaking curfew and sneaking out 
  4. disrespect 

Then what every teen hates to hear what do you think should happen to think about it and we will talk tonight when I get back so have a list ready

Mom thinks everything should be written down 


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