Saturday part II

by the time mom got home bathroom was clean along with my room explained the night I snuck out forgot the barn lights and went to turn them off curfew was because my friend lost his keys in the canyon and his dad had to bring the extra ones The shirts were old one stained up so I used them for rags on the tractor in the field and they were in the different tractors dad had always let me drive on that part of the road because it saved 35 minutes by going on the road for that mile if I had to go from pasture to pasture because of the canyon Tom talks to me like I’m a piece of crap telling me how I do everything wrong when I do it like dad showed me and wanted it done and you defend him when he does that didn’t leave the gate open I didn’t feed that day so don’t know how it got open the phones one got knocked out of my pocket working cows when the bull hit me and then he stepped on it the other one I lost riding in the south pasture checking cows my boot we were playing truth and dare and I got dared to kick it over the bonfire and it landed in the fire it was an accident I tried to get it out why would I burn my only right boot on purpose

Mom: ok I know it’s been hard since your dad died and I will talk to Tom about him trying to change things this is your home and ranch, not his and I didn’t know your dad let you take the short cut on the road (dad would be in trouble) I don’t want you doing that as for the curfew I will call Brads dad and if that’s true  you should have told me not lied If you left the horse barn lights on you should have told me and then went to turn them off not stuck out and when I ask you should have said that (she never gave me the chance) the two phones you been told to use a phone case and not your pocket when we are working stock more than once so that’s your fault how smart was it to be playing truth or dare with a fire and your only boots how is that not done on purpose when you know better your 14 and have a brain now what is your plan.


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