The wound Is Closing….

I thought he was coming yesterday to tell me I know your leaving in 2 days and everything will stay in order how we planned you will leave for the 2 weeks and then I will send for you. But lately I noticed he changed he got his hair cut and dressed up real nice so I knew that I had lost him. He looked me in my eyes and told me hes been talking to another girl and that I pushed him to it. But I know he made that decision I didnt push him to do it he wanted to do it. He already made a new facebook and put he was single. Also blocked me a few days later. Lately he has been so angry and on edge everytime I would send him text messages he wouldnt respond. Last night he told me that he still loves me and that he aint going to leave me for that girl but i knew he was lying. I know its over and he said he would text me this morning and he would text me when he got there but he didnt. This morning I got a call from my parents telling me that the plane ticket will be ready in a few more days then we expected. Its ok though this is the time I will use to get stronger and wiser. I know my worth and im done feeling wounded and like im not good enough when telling him to find somoeone else when I was angry could be my fault but he did it. So I accept it. He even said he aint changing anything on his facebook that hes married and that he aint going to stop talking to that girl. Well ok then. When i called him to tell him that i will need my birth certificate cause he has it he said ok ill bring it tomorrow with attitude and i asked why he was mad he said cause you keep texting me and calling me. So i told him ok I wont bother you anymore and I hung up. That moment is when 
I realized we were truly over or was it yesterday when my heart shattered. But right now im going to change myself around for these few days im going to do what needs to be done and strive to be greater i dont need him if he doesnt want to be in my life. I could easily move on even tho it hurts my wound is closing day by day hour by hour. Cause time heals everything even broken hearts. But this was coming and I need to think about all the times he hurt me and abused me about all the times I wanted to leave him. Remember that and keep yourself shining I will never stop surviving. The lord will help me through this and so will my family..

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