249.6 – Up a bit from yesterday

Happy to report I stayed 100% A ’72 Induction yesterday  We started the day with an enormous breakfast (I ended up having a breakfast burger on lettuce instead of a bun that included two eggs and cheese). I hardly ate at the celebration of life since I was still so full from breakfast- when I did, I had a rotisserie chicken breast that some saint in our family brought: it was the only induction food there! Then hubs and I got seafood for dinner.

We were up socializing and walking all over the park where the celebration was being held allllllll day yesterday. I was religious about sunscreen yesterday, but still managed to get slightly sunburnt  

It was a beautiful ceremony. My husband’s father was Native American (mostly Cherokee) and the family medicine woman led the services, calling down the ancestors through song, leading the children through a butterfly dance to honor my father-in-law, and then finishing out the ceremony by singing Amazing Grace in Cherokee. It was just beautiful. 

Today we’re taking it easy for the most part. We have some family to see today, but other than that I’m staying off of my foot (I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my foot in my sleep???) and I had a very noticeable limp all day yesterday because of it. This morning it is already significantly better, so I doubt this will put a damper on my regularly-scheduled exercise program.

I picked up Cooking Keto with Kristie‘s cookbook last night, and do I have some plan change-ups coming up in our family- woohoo! I also purchased a used copy of Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe which should be arriving shortly. Right now I’m working my way through Death by Food Pyramid   

The plan for today:

Have a fab day, all 

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