[9] ~*Sun – 07/09/17*~

[8:06 pm]

Well, for once I think I don’t have anything to say. I’m just writing to say I wrote something today. 

My day was OK, I worked at the store. It wasn’t too busy but I still didn’t have time to really clean and I hate when it happens cause I feel like I didn’t do my job. 

A nice bath sounds good right now so I guess that’s where I’ll be heading to relax those poor feet of mine. 

Oh yeah, I’m glad I didn’t give those tags to hub cause of course I got home and he didn’t clean the suggies kitchen. Day 3 and it’s already a goner. That man!


[9:03 pm]

Bleh! I was doing some laundry and before going in the bath I took out a load and put another in and realized as I was pouring the soap that I don’t think I’ve put any for the first batch. Duh! It will stay like that cause I’m not washing it again.

I’m never done. I just worked all day and here I am doing laundry, will fold and put away before bed, about to go do dishes and put away the one from last night. Bleh! And hub can’t even clean the one little thing that I ask him to do. Annoying!! 




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