Confessions of an Anonymous Star 7.9

Screenshots from my fans & followers, and to think. Amid various times in my life, I was told, I would, and could not do what I’m currently doing. This proves that one can truly do whatever one wants to do…

Today, the most outstanding thing to date that is or has happened falls in the range of a, or what I thought was a business partner. His name is Mark Tidwell. I’m using his name, because if I don’t, I’ll talk to myself over and over again about it(like I have since yesterday). 

I kinda went back on myself by reaching out, but I was having another day of elongated negative or defeating self talks (which is how most of my days are). So, I went for self. I was I guess, trying to switch things up. 

Well, I did n’t even get the respect of the returned call back or text. (Remember, I hate texting…) So, it all kinda forced me to go esoteric. In other words, I look into things on a level that he likely has no idea, I’m able to. When s*** like that happens, things kinda have to go in a  direction, that…Well, let’s just say, we’ll see…

My nephew tried to bring two basically rave-cracked out individuals to my home @ 5:00 AM. He’s now started taking Molly & goin’ ravin’. He told me it was just a one time thing he was doin’ for the sake of the music(that he’s not takin’ seriously). Hmmm…lol Now, its been like two weeks in a row….;) 

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