The one thing I would love to have is a boyfriend I know I’m kinda young but its not like I’m going to have intercourse with them ! of course not thats to early and I’m not mature enough I’m very young so who’s thinking about that stuff who does that so young! But I am growing up where my mom is like no boyfriends so when i hear that some one likes me i get anxiety because its like I’m not allowed to date even though i would not do stupid things so what am i supposed to do? I have crushes on people but i think that my anxiety from my mom is just an intruder for my thoughts, feeling and also my school life when i hear the word “like you”!  I don’t like anyone from school and i would like to date but what is dating in middle school just sitting next to them and admitting to each other that you like each other like yeah hello. you might hold hands but kids would just make fun of you so whats the point but i just like the truths and not the weirdness of ignoring the person who so has an crush on you then everyone around you pushes you to together whether you like them or not or even if it was just a joke another kid made up! But also you could have someone who likes you who wants to sit next to you a best friend and someone who likes texting you, the feeling when you get a text when your writing your text its just like your happiness then you go to sleep all happy and thinking about that person. I wish that parents could understand the word dating. Dating is not what parents think when they think of the word dating or boyfriend they think it means intercourse right away that this person means that your going to become someone else i wish it meant best friends who like each other because dating is not all about intercourse and i think that most parents do believe that they believe when you have a boyfriend your going to have intercourse and the truth is no…no way dating is not a nasty word and boyfriend is not either i wish that parents could understand that dating means having someone who cares its not like your dating a old man your dating someone in your grade or a grade higher who is totally not looking for intercourse its  just unbelievable its not that all boys do not… because  of course they do but some of them are good and there not ready so young. girls are not pushed into having intercourse not all of them i know that some where pushed or forced but some of them who have a boyfriend its there decision and many.. many are smart and wold say no! I know that parents think that when they hear the word dating? they imagine this scenario where their daughter is going to do stupid things and I’m not saying that accidents happen but its the trust that matters they got to trust you. you have to trust me!!.. Just trust because i would never put myself into that kind of situation if i did i would find a way out! its just all about trust.!   So reader what do you think?

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