Day 499 – Driver’s permit & successful date

Sunday, July 9th 2017

Today was great~

In the morning we went to do my written driver’s exam. We didn’t bring the correct identification, so we went back home, ate lunch, and returned. We waited for a while and I did my exam. There was two parts, both needing 16/20 to pass. I got 17/20 on both! So I got my G1 and I can drive, with restrictions, of course 😀

By the time we got home, it was four, so we later ate, then I went out on my date with Driver. We sat while he ate his supper, because he didn’t eat and so bought something, then we went to the movies. He paid, and we talked until the movie started. It was Alien Covenant. It was alright, but I mostly wondered who the actress playing Daniels was, cause she looked familiar. Turns out it was the actress who played Porpentina from Fantastics Beasts, which I should’ve known (come on, what is happening to your fangirl knowledge?). Anyhow, I waited for him to do the cheesy yawn and arm around the shoulders, since he said he would do so, but he never did it. Later on while we wandered the mall, talking, he said it was because he didn’t know if he should have. Anyhow, we were on our way out, cause the mall was closing, and my parents were there, outside. I told him, and we walked out anyway. And my parents were behind him now, on a bench. I told him again, which he finally realised, and then said jokingly that he wasn’t turning around. We were also awkwardly standing there and joking about the awkwardness, cause we didn’t know how to leave each other. My parents retreated to the car, having a straight view of is still. Then he asked me if I was expecting something, and I awkwardly suggested a kiss. Finally, after a while of shyness, we did, and then we said goodbye. I went back to the car and according to my parents, they were basically trying to sink into the car and duck down, because they wanted to give us privacy haha. But in the end, he ended up to be really nice, we found quite a few things in common, and he’s very attractive… We also texted later for a bit and we both wanna go on a second date.

Of course, I watched an episode of Supernatural to end the day. But in the end, successful day. I’m happy 🙂

That’s all for today.

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  1. AHHH congrats on getting your permit!!! And double congratulations on having a nice date 😉 (Sorry for being so worried on your last post, I’m just always anxious 😛 )
    It’s so great that you had such a nice day!

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