Home alone

it’s funny how you can get yourself worked up when your home alone and see and hear things outside and then see shadows it’s dark here at night anyways no lights for 45 miles any way you look and then you think about nearest houses is the same 45 miles from you guess that’s what happens when you watch cut’em up movies at midnight alone you set the alarm, check the doors and hide in your room the dog decided to help by barking and the noises get louder so you get brave and walk around the house you know like in the movies the hero that gets killed then as you walk in the living room the phone rings and you jump over the sofa like that will help and then answer the phone just to find out your going to be home alone all night so you work your way back to your room lock the door and think your 14 years old get over it nobody is there you stay here all the time alone at night and Freddie is not real just as the wind blows the tree by your window and you run like hell to the other room. the dog barking so you go in the study so you are close to the guns in case after a while you convince yourself grow up and go back to your room get in bed and the stupid dog has got under your bed and you did not know it so you are almost asleep and he moves which makes the bed move cause he is a big ass german police dog and you almost kill yourself running out of your room it’s dark and it scares the dog so he breaks and runs so now your running down the hall and something is after you and you can’t see it just hear it behind you and you make it to the living room by now the dog thinks your playing so he jumps on your back and since he is so big down you go still dark and still not knowing it’s your dog you swing at him he thinks your playing so he runs around the room passing by the back door trigging the motion light outside making you think someone is outside too but it gives enough light you can see him and know what had happened and feel so dumb you know that kinda night you can have.
Think I’ll watch bugs bunny from now on when I’m home alone.

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