I did it

I did it.  I finally shit where I eat.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to do anything with anyone I worked with because it would make things awkward at work but I did it.  Firstly this is a long story that I don’t think I wrote about in my last entry?  I joined Tinder which was what started all this.  It’s been a hell of an interesting time.  So far I’ve been on 3 dates.  One of them turned out pretty good.  The guy was sweet and it sorta felt like I’ve been dating him for awhile.  We talk everyday and even joke around that we’ve been dating for awhile.  Basically it’s like I’m in a relationship all over again.  I just feel comfortable around him, it’s weird.  The second date was alright…nothing more than a hookup I guess.  The third was actually a guy I used to work with who I used to have a HUGE crush on.  We matched and it was funny because at first I didn’t realize who he was.  We started talking yesterday morning and then exchanged numbers and then made plans that night to hangout.  I was supposed to hangout with the first Tinder guy but I canceled because like I said I had a HUGE crush on this guy.  So all day at work I was a nervous wreck but I also couldn’t stop smiling.  Right after work I met up with him and he was just as cute as I remembered.  We went to dinner, then to a park…then back to his place and then had sex.  Everything kind of unfolded so fast.  I know I didn’t have to have sex with him but I mean he was so hot and I really don’t have any self control.  He was in a seasonal position last time I saw him and now he’s coming back for a bit.  We actually work together today.  I’m going to try to not make it awkward but I know eventually it will get awkward.  He said he wants to hangout again but we’ll see.  I’m so tired, I got only 4 hours of sleep.  It was well worth it though.  In other guy news, I hungout with Anthony just a few days ago.  He made me cry.  Not in a good way.  The night really started off bad because he kept talking about stuff and he would sound so obnoxious and conceited…and he kept that theme throughout the night.  Plus, from the very beginning of the night he would make these slick comments making fun of me and he continued to poke at me the entire night.  I don’t know if it was the combination of the beer and me about to start my period but I was feeling extra sensitive or he was just being an extra asshole and he just kept testing me and I ended up tearing up.  I went to the bathroom and called my friend for moral support and to tell her I was gonna ditch this guys asap.  I tried to let him see he wasn’t getting to me but I couldn’t help tearing up a little.  He seemed regretful at least but I didn’t care.  I had enough of his slimy, obnoxious, asshole ways and I left and didn’t care to hear from him ever again.  That was the final straw.  I have absolutely no desire to hangout with him again.  What a gross human being.  So I think I’ve undated as much as I can or at least as much as I can remember at 6 in the morning on 4 hours of sleep.  Work is going to be interesting today for sure…will definitely update soon. 

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