more thoughts

I dont mean to be depressing but i can’t help it it runs through my veins like blood..I want to change my life around and to do that i need money..the world revolves around that shit..turning my life around is easier said than done..somedays i envy others who can live their lives without a worry in the world i wish i could have that ..when i was little other little girls worried over broken dolls or a little boy pushed them over i worried about wether or not i can get food for supper this time..or i hope i dont get beat to a pulp tonight. when i was in middle school other girls worried about guys liking them or not or what color their finger nails should be i worried about how can i get food to my little sisters or how can i get out of this house…my life can go on and on and on ..i wont bother you with that mess. i am stuck with this problem for the rest of my life..i will never get to relive my childhood I’m 19 and acting like a 12 year old sometimes ..i always wondering what kind of person i would of ended up like if all these things didnt happen the way they did..a stuck up? a nicer person? a talker? a happy person? ..i do i have my perks though I am a good artists ..I love music so singing is another talent..i love music. mm i do give advice so that another im more of a therapist to others I try and help them as much as I can if you need a friend I got you. just say hi haha..anyways my thoughts are all over the place right now ..meh 

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