School life!

Friends. We all have them don’t we? well my friends are different one year after another where i live its pretty big a lot of people ,kids.  Kids Mostly are very rude that said theres not one person i grew up with from day blank! My school is a middle-highschool where there point a lot of kids. Last following school year was the worst year of all. The worst. they say school gets hard but that year kids were indescribable i had friends but school was were i would just want to run out of . Ill give an example : Morning music class actually felt that that day would be quite fine but not at all 20 min into class were picking partners for this very stupid project. Its like picking poisonous berries from of the street i got picked to be with a left over icky kid “sorry i would say not nice”oops  i just ran out that classroom out into the hallway all the way out that class i came back the other day feeling shut out and that day repeated itself for the rest of the year. The part i was mad at was when people were mad at me for being mad. I know i was not that nicest in that situation . But it just hurt me if that makes any sense…


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  1. if you need a friend Im always up all hours of the day aha not going to say life gets easier because than i’d be lying it always gets harder before it gets a slight bit easier I am sorry that ur dealing with this 🙁

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