Sunday July 9th

Well, I just about did myself in yesterday. For reals. I had 4 appointments scheduled. At 8:30, I scheduled a colon cleansing. I have never done this before, but one of the young teachers I worked with did one and she said it was supposed to remove toxins, etc. from your body, blah, blah. I read online and some claim it helps you lose a little weight, it helps you to not have cravings for sugar and bad food, etc. Anyway, I thought, why not. So, I go to the appointment. The lady that does the treatment is super nice. She is an older Russian lady. Like a grandma. I did not feel at all embarrassed or uncomfortable with her. And it’s a procedure filled with potential for embarrassment. Anyway, the procedure was really making my stomach hurt, I was having a lot of pain and discomfort. Of course, I toughed it out because that’s what I do. When she was done, she sent me to the bathroom so the water could drain out of my bum. I sat down on the toilet, and I passed out. Cold. I fell in the floor on my face. I had my glasses on, and the impact gave me a cut across my nose. I woke up with the little lady standing in front of me, I was back seated on the toilet and my head/face was leaning on her chest. I literally work up like that. I had passed completely out. I broke out in a complete body sweat- my whole body was soaking wet. I sat for a while longer and began to feel a little better. I asked her for water. I sipped the water and sat on the toilet. I slowly felt well enough to put my pants and shoes on and leave the bathroom. I sat in the waiting area of the spa and sipped a second glass of water. It was about this time I felt well enough to notice that my whole shirt was nearly wet from my all over body sweat I had experienced. I finally felt strong enough to get up and leave. I was miles from my apartment and my second appointment of the day was only 30 minutes away. I knew was not strong enough to navigate the subway, so I took a cab to my second appointment- my hair appointment and I arrived about 2 minutes late. When I sat down in the salon chair and removed my classes, I saw the bloody cut across my nose- I didn’t know I had it until this point. I asked my sweet hair dresser for some ginger ale to help calm my still raging stomach, and she ordered me one from the downstairs restaurant. As I sat there and got my hair done, I continued to improve, feeling slightly better, minute by minute. When I was done, I went to the diner downstairs from the salon where I eat all the time. I ordered a cheese omelet, toast, and ginger ale because I hadn’t eaten all day. I ate a few bites of the omelet and a slice of the toast. I had enough time to walk on home before my 3rd appointment of the day, a dentist appointment. 

I continued to feel terrible and weak the rest of the day. This morning, I am feeling more myself. Jesus. I don’t know what to think about that affecting me like that. My friend that did it said it was uncomfortable, but no effects like I had. I will never do that again! I had read there was no scientific evidence to back up the claims of detoxification, etc., but I know how terrible I eat, and I thought I would give it a try. I honestly cannot believe those treatments are so popular and people are willing to be the technicians that give them. Jesus. I would be afraid of killing someone. No one took any medical info on me or anything. I could have hit my head and died in that bathroom when I fainted. I do have a history of fainting, but I don’t ever remember fainting and being so completely out cold that I wake up and have to think about where I am and how I got there. 

My 4th appointment of the day was my first appointment with my new therapist. I liked her. I think it will work out with her. She’s on the east side of the City, which gave me pause, but I can get there fairly easily, so I don’t think it will be an issue. 

I leave for Kentucky in the morning. I am nervous about it because I am taking Sophie and she will be flying for the first time, and I will be flying with an animal for the first time. 

I had such a horrific day yesterday and I feel lucky to have survived it. So traumatic. Today I am going to a row class and going to do my laundry and pack my stuff for my trip. I hope it will be a quiet and smooth day. 

Later, that same day…

It is 9:49pm. I think I am pretty well packed for tomorrow. I need to go to the pharmacy as soon as it opens at 8 and then go get on the bus to the airport. The trip to the airport takes almost an hour. 

I got my laundry done, read my book, worked on my online class, did my Spanish lesson, went to rowing class- did everything but drop that damn package off- I can’t drop it off anywhere because all the lobbys are locked in NY on Sunday. Ugh. It is such a pain. I even dragged that damn package to a FedEx store and a Staples because online it says they will take USPS packages for shipping, but nope. Neither would. So I guess that’s the one advantage Lexington has on New York; they don’t lock the post office on Sunday. 

I will be happy to see Noah even if it is only for a little bit before he leaves. I will be really happy to see John. I was thinking about it today, that this is the longest I’ve ever been out of Kentucky in my entire life. I left there on January 20th and will return on July 10th. I suppose 2 weeks maybe, is the longest I’ve ever been gone before. I felt really happy today when I was walking home from the laundromat. I like my neighborhood. I like being here. 

I am going to have to work hard not to let myself get mad or aggravated with people there. I have to not act like that. I let myself get really pissed at Richard when he was here. I gotta keep my cool. 

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