The way I saw life as it existed.

It all started a long time ago back in February on a cold winter day. I met this girl named Sailor moon. She was quite a knock out! (let me tell you, oh boy!). I remember the first day she walked in through the doors and I couldn’t help but to introduce myself. Now mind me, I’m a nervous guy and I hate meeting new people without screwing up the first topic that comes to my mind. God forbid I say something like: uhhh or hi, and walk away! Geez. I saw her eyes and I literally, couldn’t keep off of the way she looked when she starred at me, how that hair of hers flickered  and shimmered like a sunset in the distance(now mind you, the bottom half of her looked good too. Lol). I knew then this wasn’t a friendship that would make a lasting impression, it was a start of a relationship that I would never forget. The one thing I wish I could of done different back then, was give her the one thing she truely deserved, a guy who treated a woman like that fairly and right. Nowadays, I wish I could of taken it back. The problems I caused, the pain I adorned on you, the suffering and agony you went through, when you and I finally said goodbye. I can’t take those days back, but I can assure you, that, when one lives on, the show must go on. I won’t ever forget that day, the start of the fresh snow on the ground, the beautiful stary nights, the warm autumn feeling of your kiss on my lips. No, I won’t dwindle on that. Instead, I want to start this as the opportunity of a lifetime. It always like you said: I want something just like this. 

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