[10.1] ~*Mon – 07/10/17*~

[4:58 pm]

Memories.. I’m sitting outside the library near the fountain and memories are coming back. Time surely flies! Last summer me and hub came here a lot during the night to.. play Pokemon. Yup! It was always full of people and right now.. not a cat. Guess the game died or people are cheating and using GPS hack instead of going places. I wasn’t even thinking about it until I got to the place where we used to sit last summer. I can’t believe how many times I came to this place to play cause I was addicted. I don’t have data on my phone so places where I could play were limited so when ever I had free time between my clients I’d come to the library to catch some Pokemon. We even took mom with us once. She stayed in the car and played on her tablet but still, that’s how bad it was. Fun times! To think about it, I sorta miss it cause it was time that me and hub would spend together. 


[5:25 pm]

Sitting beside that fountain makes me just want to jump in it. Cool water sounds really nice right about now. It’s not really that hot at the moment but that water is calling my name. I sorta want to sit there and at least put my feet in the water but I’m sure I’d be getting in trouble. There isn’t any people around but a few are walking by once in a while so yea.. Sadly no water for me. I could still sit at the fountain, there’s place around it to sit but it might wet my book as I’m here to read so better not just to be on the safe side as the book belongs to the library. 




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