[10] ~*Mon – 07/10/17*~

[8:43 am]

Do I ever feel like shit this morning. Got such a headache, feel light headed and like puking. Go go me, gotta get to work. 


[9:52 am]

I had texted hub to come see me when he’d get home from work and of course he didn’t as he hadn’t seen my text. He got home and made himself some noodles which almost gave me a heart attack. I was in the bedroom playing my game, waiting for him and then suddenly I could smell not smoke but something being heated I guess, so I got scared and was trying to figure out where it was coming from. I first thought the a/c in the bedroom was broken and heating up but no so I got out the room and was like “omg something is on fire somewhere”. Got in the kitchen and there was hub making himself some food. 

So yea, he came to see me after he was done eating and we talked for a little while. By the time we were done I had about 6 and a half hour to sleep so not enough time to take my pill. Very bad idea! My night was horrible, waking up every half hour and so. Plus, I had a bad dream, woke up with teary eyes. 

My day is going to be hell and of course I gotta close up the store tonight. I’m only there for like 3 hrs but it’s still a killer. I already can see myself sleeping the day away tomorrow but I want to go check up that jail to figure out if we’re gonna go when mom’s coming. 

Well, my client of this morning only took half an hour out of her 3 hrs so now I’m home, back in bed. I got an hour and a half to sleep before I got to leave for next one so guess what I’m gonna do.. Yes, go sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep and not check the time every 20 mins to see how long I still have. 


[11:47 am]

Like I was expecting, I didn’t do much sleeping but more checking the time cause I kept waking up. Bleh! I’m still tired and not looking forward the rest of my day. I’m supposed to take my next client for a walk each week (her parents asked me) but I really don’t feel like walking today, especially that I work at the store tonight. I know she won’t mind not walking as she doesn’t want to do it in the first place but I feel it’s not right of me to not take her because of me not feeling like it. Although it kinda suck cause they are making me walk as well. I know it’s good for me but it’s not always a pleasure for my foot or leg. The thing is, they don’t really think that I have more than one client per day and if they all want to walk that’s a lot of walking for me. I suck it up and do it cause I tell myself it’s part of my job and good for me but then again, is it really if it’s affecting my foot and I’m in pain afterward.. Anyways, I should leave now or I’ll be late. 

By the way, I think I am now addicted to writing my life. Haha! I don’t really have access to the net during the day as I’m everywhere but I write on my phone and then at night I copy-paste it in the Journal. 




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