27. —

Day 3. Successful.

This more I work this job the more I like it. Hopefully I’ll like the second job just as much. Tomorrow I’ll call and find out when I’ll start, then it’s let the money roll in and the debt begin to clear.


Much to my surprise when I got home from work last night Ann was here. It was a great surprise considering we haven’t been able to see each other, she works mornings, and I work nights. Things are bound to be hard for us over the next few years, both of us workings, and school, but we will Even thought the time we can spend together is short, I think it makes us both appreciate it more, and helps us build a great support system for what we’re trying to do individually and as a couple. It’s a nice balance…for now. I say this because, going from waking up to her every morning, and seeing here every night, to going days with out each other, is still hard. Especially giving the fact the timing, next month marks a year we have been talking, exclusively. 

           Which reminds me, on the 3rd, of July she made us “official” again. Award timing right….

      How ever, it gives a nice new meaning to the day, hopefully one day, it wont be so…awkward.


Today, mentally I am..stable. Over whelmed still, but I’m handling it alright. I have to admit I am a tad behind on homework. I’ll cram it all in tomorrow. Though I vow to dedicate more time to it through out the week, to try and reduce some of the pressure of trying to cram it in the day before class. I’m getting better at this life and organizing thing. All in good time….until my attempt to throw the gym in there as well. ha. Soon I’ll be on track just the way I want to be…  

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