you ever have a dream that feels so real that when you wake up you have goosebumps everywhere ..I have those all the time…I have been told that if you think about something right before you go to sleep you dream about it so i try to blast things out with music so i dream about the singer and the song but some how some way my thoughts get mixed up in it and it turns into this movie of mixed emotions somtimes of my exes or a problem im facing in reality. life is so messed up ..well my life anyways i keep losing to my demons I’m not doing what i did in the past anymore i guess i stopped seeing my therapist i think i should go back to be honest i miss having a one on one with someone during the week just to talk about me..sounds selfish but i like to talk about how i feel instead of just writing them down its a good way to let it all out though..i just want happiness what is it like to be happy? i always wondered that.. i want to tell everyone my biggest secret but im not ready for that just yet ..um so anyways just a little thought off the top of my head . 

2 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. I don’t think wanting to talk about your emotions and problems to someone is selfish its a way to vent.

  2. halwee thanks for ur response..means alot and sometimes I feel like that when I’m talking to much about certain things..

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