heres the first time doing this just need a place to vent I’m 33 year old single mother of a boy who works hard and was raised old fashioned I’m a great person with a big heart every relationship iv been in has either been mentally or physically abusive been with the guy I with now for 4 years on and off love him to death but he is showing signs of mental abuse when he gets angry I’m losing all hope on finding the right person I thought he was the one because we always come back to each other but I’m starting to believe that isn’t true anymore I bust my ass off to make him happy cleaning and cooking for him trying to do things to take the slack off him cause he works hard and long shifts nothing is appreciated from him I feel he doesn’t see everything I do for him he starting to take advantage of me and we just purchased a house together it doesn’t feel like home to me like it all his because his income is what got us approved I did all the paper work and running around for 3 months for this to happen he has the I don’t need anyone attitude and always plans things as if he is the only person doing things he allows his daughter to bully my son and does nothing about it I feel I’m stuck because I care so much for him but I feel in the long run things wont work and it ripped my heart out iv never loved and cared for someone so much iv done more for him than anyone else is has called me nasty names and they have done there damage he thinks that’s how normal arguments go and its not he tells me I’m crazy called me lazy and always tries to rub it in my face he makes more than me he is a one upper his situation always has to be worse than mine or he’s better than me I’m below him and I feeling starting to drift away from him I use to love him coming home now I don’t get excited at all I feel is going to find another thing to complain about that I’m doing wrong he sits there and ¬†acts like I don’t do anything all day and I bust my ass off trying to please him the kids my mother and father I’m just emotionally drained from wasting my time with failed relationships there is so much more to this but at another time!

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