The love is tired and broken….

So yesterday he came and everyone was here i had texted and told him I was done and he came a few hours after and I talked to him but it was crazy cause everyone was here. Joe and lory and dylan tia linda and the kids. He got here and was calm normal a little bit even. He said he came cause he needed a shirt and old shirt for work and I looked at him and said really thats what you came for and he said no dummy i came to see you and I said ok. So i went and got the shirt I had that was his and gave it to him. We didnt get to talk much like always just a few minutes. So anyways the conversations started as well I need to know what the plans are and he said ugh made a face and said here we go again what dora? and I said wow well i need to know if were together or not and he said well yes and I said well I dont get it im confused cause you have your own facebook that your single and then your talking to girls and you still wants us together I dont think so and he said what girls im only talking to a girl and I said well I made a friend to and he said how and I said idk and he said facebook or online dating or how and I said a chat room he lives in a town near here and is older 27 i told him about you and he knows he gives me advice to and he said i know your trying to make me jelouse and that isnt going to work that ok i dont care if you are and I said no im just telling you and he said so are you talking to him everyday and I said no i barley started yesterday and he said oh well are you going to talk to him today and I said no idk if you want me to you said you dont mind so i guess why not and he made this face kind of and said well i dont talk to my friend everyday just sometimes and I said but you told me you liked her and she likes you and he said yes she find me attractive and i find her attractive to and I said ok then so why cant I have a friend who likes me. And he said well im going to block her then and he blocked her. And then I said ok then i will take him off I wont message him anymore and he said no go with him . he had told me he was going to come see me later that day and then after he said go with him and I said elias stop im not going with anyone are you still coming and he said idk and left. So i called him and he answered mad and said no go talk to him and so after that he told me he didnt know if he was coming to see me. So then i texted him and he said he still didnt know ywt that he was working so i said ok let me knwo when your done and so a few hours later he texts me and says he isnt coming cause he got pulled over and I said oh did they take away your license and he said no and he said the cop let him go home and I said oh so can you still drive to work and he said yes and I said ok but you cant come see me and he flipped out said stfu and texted me that so I got upset and told him stuff back then I went on fb my sisters cause he has me blocked and I saw he posted a pic and he looked sad and it said i guess theres no point anymore. and that was around the time he was supposed to be working so I knew he lied and he didnt work and that he wasnt coming cause he didnt want to come. so It hurt so much I cried alot thinking how he ended our relationship basically and so I blew up his phone with song lyrics and pics with quptes and he didnt respoond until a few hours later around the morning said he was sleeping and then he told me today cause I never texted him back all day today and he told me today that he got drunk lastnight right after he woke up with his friend and I said why and he said because then he wanted to know what I was doing and I said stuff which I really wasnt doing anything very important and he said like and I said stuff wby and he got mad and said well fuck you then and I said fuck you to then and I said this is why im giving up cause you pushed me away you dont want me in your life that bad ok ill dissapear and just bfing my stuff before i leave. and then he said tell him to go make you happy and I said who there is no he you were along elias the he but im done trying you dont wnat me then fine. so I stopped texting him and he hasnt texted back. I dont think this relationship is going to work out at all. He obviously doesnt care like he use to if he did he wouldve taken care of me a long time ago and he wouldnt of let me live with my grammy here longer then a month. and now im leaving in a few days and i dont think im coming back just for my dogs. and if he really loves me he will fix it. before i leave and tell me what the plans our for our future on what he will do to be with me if not then I guess this is the end the love we both have is tired and broken. Will it repair itself back together or not we shall see 🙁 

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