[11] ~*Tue – 07/11/17*~

[8:46 pm]

Got a few things to talk about. First, the manager for the doors came today to have a look at the doors and he will order new parts for them where they are scratched. So that’s good. I just need to do some more waiting now. That’s OK, I’m keeping my money a little longer. Although I sorta want to pay it off so then what’s in my account is what I really have cause I still need to pay $5000. I’ll be sad when I see that money go. 

Talking about money, some more is going as hub just bought a new PC for like $1200. He’s been asking for a new one for a while since there’s some games he can’t play with the current one. I had told him that if he could find one at $1000 he could get it. He’s $200 over but I guess he deserves it as he never spend money on anything beside fast food compared to me who will buy some stuff here and there like clothes and nail polish and of course, get my hair done every 2 months. He used to dye his hair too but now he shaves it so really he’s saving us some money doing that so he can get the PC. Only reason it bugs me is cause it’s one big amount of money in one shot instead of little amounts through out the year. 

Oh yea.. Like I said in previous entry, he also ordered some tags which was only $20 but I still haven’t giving them to him. I still haven’t decided what to do with those. I thought I’d give him 4 tomorrow as he cleaned the suggies kitchen 4 times since I got them and tell him he’ll be getting the rest when he cleans the kitchen. We shall see tomorrow what I decide. I didn’t want to give them today cause he’d be playing all day and we had things to do. He’s still off tomorrow and I’ll be working so he can play all day if he wants to as long as he makes me food for when I get home. 

So after the guy for the doors came over, we finally cleaned the gutters. Woot woot! Man, we made 2 smalls garbage bags with the stuff that was in them. We really need to start cleaning them more often but I’m glad they are done. After that we went to get my friend and went to the Casino for some food. Then, we drove up to the old jail to talk to the owner. I’m sooo excited and can’t wait to go. We went for a quick look at the cells and it’s just too cool. He also got an old hospital stretch bed and lamp that comes from the movie set of Saw. Awesomeness! That dude is too cool. Now I just need to email him so we can book our cells. My mom gonna think I’m crazy! I told my friend and hub that we should all get ourselves some orange jumpsuit for that night. Bouhaha! Now I need to figure out what activities we’ll be doing during that day cause I don’t think we’ll be at the jail too early cause really there’s nothing to do there after you’ve looked around. It’s more for the experience of spending a night in a cell and hope for some spirits to come. I asked the guy if I could bring a Ouija board and he said no. Bummers! Lol! He said at 11:20 pm the power would go off for 20 mins. That’s when the 2 last people to be hung there were hanged and it took 20 mins for them to die. Omg! I hope this really happens. (Not too sure on the time they were hanged cause I checked online for the story and all I could find was that they were hanged at 1 am.) He said he experienced many things in the past 6 weeks he’s been living there. I wanna move in! Lol! 




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