Day 091 – Fear of God

Today was fine.

My day at office is somehow okay, from last two week I wasn’t feeling comfortable at office and my productivity had suffered a lot and today I did some work but internally something is keep bothering me don’t exactly know what it is, so to do some reflection on what is the cause of all this I spend 3 hours extra at office, I did paper work note down the tasks and things which has to be improved to get the bigger picture of the project and to increase my productivity.

After lunch I did a talk with with engineer sitting next to me, I shared a thing from tesla’s bio with here and we talked little bit about prophetic dreams and we did most of the talk project related, I also told here about my annual leaves I.e starting from this Friday.

Today I have read some good things as a result I started self analysis, and I feel my heart was in some other state, I was literally feeling the fear of God and on return home a incident happened in metro bus which made me even more frightened.

After office a colleague gave me a lift to metro stop and we end up doing a deep conversation Islamic + Sufism I guess this was also one of the reason for fear of God, but it was a good conversation.


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