Hate grwoing up

So this year lot of things have changed in my life. I took the biggest step of my life when I said yes to college and moved to another state to study what Ive always wanted. And this really scared and scares me. 

Till this year, I didnt realized how amaizing my life was: my dad used to wake me up everyday with kisses and he prepared me breakfast and drive me to school. At school, I had my best friends in there and I was never alone. Although I had to take some subjects that I hated, everything was contortable.

Then, I went back home with my mom´s friends and I waited my home to arrive home from work to have lunch. After lunch we always used to rest a little bit, then I started to do my school stuff. And I studied a loooooot, I was so tired of studying because last year I really gave my best (thats why I was accepted to college).

After studying the whole day, it was dinner time, when me my mom and my dad we had dinner together, then we watched some tv…. That was my day, it was pretty normal, but now i really miss it.

On the weekend, I always did something with my friends, of we went to each others house, or we went to the movies, or to a restaurant, or we went to parties and stuff like that. 

Then, he came to my life, the boy that im still dating even that im in college. When we started dating, we always went out together, we went to pcik something to eat, we went to our friends house to watch movies or to do a couples thing, we also went to the movies, to parties together…. or we only drive by the city and talk. AND GOD I MISS THAT TOO

I go back to my hometown twice a month, and when I go back, its really nice… We do all these stuffs that I mentioned, and I really have fun, but I get sad to know that I will have to go back to college, which is really cool because there are looots of things to do, and losts of parties, but its just that, I had more fun when I was still in high school, with my old frieds, in my old city… And I wanna be happy here when I am too. Maybe its just the apaptation phase.

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  1. Don’t forget to take care of you parent like they took care of you 🙂

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