My birthday and my weekend

So, my birthday wasnt how I imagined… Although my friends and family from my hometown called me and sent me birthday wishes, I felt kind of lonely to spend my day without them. I went out with my new friend from college, and they are really cool girls, but I just missed so much not being with my best friend. 

We went to a bar where all studants from my college go, and it was nice. But when we left to my apartment, I realized that I had forgotten my purse in there, and it closed. Everything was in my purse, all my money, my keys, all my documents…. That was not what I planned from my birthday… Then, my friend went to my apartament, I bought us a cake and there we stayed there. Thank God, I went to that place in the another day, and I found my purse. Then I traveled 7 hours by bus to go back to my city. 

My weekend was amaizing. On friday me my friends and my boy we wnet to a restaurant to celebrate my birthday with them. Then, me and my friends we slept at my friends house and we had a lot of fun, because we missed doing that. On saturday, we spent almost the whole day together, I just went home to do my nails and to stay a little more with my family. Then, I go back to my firned´s and we got ready to go to a party. This party was amaizing, reallyyy!!! I had so much fun, I enjoy it with the boy that I’m dating, he took me home and we stayed together a loot, then on sunday, he went to my place and we also stayed together. 

So that was my weekend. I really like to go back to my hometown, but unfourtunately I only will be back in a few weeks, I hope this day come as fast as possible… 

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