Suicide ain’t so bad

I used to think suicide had to be the result of some great tragedy, like a terminal illness or overwhelming debt.  What I now know is that sometimes people simply get tired tired of struggling tired of failing just damn tired.  I’m one of these tired ones.  I’ve decided to end my life because there is no hope.  I’m done struggling and scraping by on scraps, always a breath away from homelessness and dispair.  Death has to be better than this hell. 

4 thoughts on “Suicide ain’t so bad”

  1. That was sounds good but the truth is no one would care much. Of course they will act like they are sad but it will be lies. I’m OK with it. Thanks for your reply

  2. Well, if you didn’t go through with it then something must be holding you back. I was going to go through with it two weeks ago…but I knew in my gut there were people out there for me. I’m sure you’re okay right now and you’re still breathing. Everyday is a new day, everyday is a new chance for you to meet that special person in your life. You’re your worst critic. I know this might sound ridiculous but just smile.

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