249.8 – Up 3 lbs

Stuck with on-plan foods, but definitely did not stay within my carbs yesterday. I had the most ravenous sugar cravings and ended up making myself a LC sweet treat with artificial sweeteners. I know I really can’t handle them, but I went for it anyway, my craving was that bad. Oh well. Up three pounds today, and I’m sure part of that is having foods I know I can’t handle.

Dad has cancelled our walks for this week while he gets his head straight about sticking to low carb. He keeps not doing it. Like he’ll be good for a day, and then not good, and rationalizing that he can have 100g carbs a day when he really can’t, and it’s been going on for months. Monday morning I asked him if he needed to set a re-start date, say his goodbyes to his beloved foods, etc. and he said yes, that would probably be a good idea. 

I pre-tracked my food for today, but it’s not enough, but nothing sounds good. Maybe later when I’m more awake. I will stay on-plan, but this is all I have so far. I’m still feeling flu-like symptoms, kind of grumbly, just want to crawl back into bed, etc. Just a blah day. Here’s to hoping that coffee pulls me out of my funk today, if not, oh well.


Have a great day, all 

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