[12.1] ~*Wed – 07/12/17*~

[10:20 pm]

Hub cleaned the cage again. I’m starting to feel bad about not telling him that I have his tags. So far he only missed one day. He also made me supper tonight and it was delicious. I really think I’m going to ask him to work mornings when he can pick a new shift, then he’ll be able to make me supper all the time. That would also give him something else to do around the house and maybe I’d feel less like I’m doing everything.

Beside that, the manager for the doors called and said they had the pieces for the doors and would come replace them tonight but of course, no one showed up. They are not in a hurry to come fix it, I’m not in a hurry to pay. Bleh!

I emailed the guy for the jail last night and he hasn’t replied yet. I’m waiting until tomorrow and if I don’t get a reply I will text him as he had giving us his cell number. I really really want to go when mom is coming over so I don’t want to wait too long and not have any cells available. I think I might just be too excited about this. I keep talking about it and thinking about it. Man, I wish we would of known the jail was for sale cause it was the price of our house. We could of bought it!! I have so many ideas for the place, I think I might talk to the owner and tell him what I think he should do. Never know, he might go ahead with it. Like, I think it would be cool if he’d gave all guests an orange jumpsuit when they get there. In some hotels you get a bathrobe, here you’d get a jumpsuit. It would be super awesome if he had a van like they have when they travel inmates so that he could meet the guests at a pick up point and like, handcuffs them and put them in that van to drive them to the jail. Once they’re at the jail he would hand them their jumpsuit and then he could uncuff them and they can do what ever. It would just be an experience kinda thing. Re-acting the last hanging of the two brothers could be cool too so people could experience what it was like but then again, it might not be a good idea as the brothers are buried on the ground of the jail and their spirit might not appreciate it.




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