[12] ~*Wed – 07/12/17*~

[10:54 am]

Guess I’m not giving hub his tags yet as he was sleeping when I got up. I guess I could of left them on his PC desk or something. Oh well! 

I’m wearing a dress today. Not too sure how comfortable I feel with it yet. I just really didn’t feel like wearing pants today but now I’m a little self conscious as it’s attached around the neck and I feel too expose. Don’t really have a choice but deal with it now as I work till 8 pm. I never really wear dresses or skirts as on a lot of my work days I go for walks with clients. Today I don’t have anyone that goes for walks so I felt safe to wear a dress.

Random rambling right there. 

I’m already thinking of my supper. Gaw! I never take the time to eat before leaving for work as I wake up at the last minute and now I’m hungry. I’ve been eating out a lot as I’m always on the road and feel bad every time I do as I feel I spend too much money and should really bring a lunch with me. It’s hard though when your office is your car and it’s summer and warm. Anyways, I hope I get to have a few minutes between some clients to grab something cause 8 pm sounds really far right now.




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