Since i couldn’t sleep I decided to stalk his profile I realise how fast times goes by , a year ago Iam broken hearted with this guy name hanesh and jeremy was there to comfort me .. I remember crying for 2 days to his house because I love that person so much when he’s there to love me instead , I wasn’t ready when we become together I don’t even love him that time but I gave him a chance since he’s good for me, now I’m the one who love him more than he love me and looking at our photo that he posted with a caption how he love me so much last time makes me miss the old days, I love him, I really do, but I miss receiving compliments with the person I love like what he always does when we’re still New .. I’m not complaining or what i just miss it, that’s all , I understand he’s busy to his work and no timte to do those clingy stuff, I don’t want to start fight since we meet not often like we used to :(and I’m trying to be the gf that he want, the matured one the understanding one I just hope one day he will realise that I’m doing everything just to fit on his needs and wants but I’m also human who miss his Boyfriend when he don’t see it often ;( 

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