Confessions of an Anonymous Star 7.12 (Love Yourz by J. Cole)

Somethin’ Tells Me by Bryson Tiller

I swear, who ever controls life, enjoys seeing me in strife, awkward, and just not enjoying it. (At times, I think that’s life’s innovative way of movin’ people along through it. Kinda like the powers that be, about a cure for Cancer. Certain people have to know if there truly is a cure or not, and if there is, it makes sense why they would keep it locked away…) 

Lost two possible clients today, and the one I did have, let his jealousy take over. And he had the nerve to be controlling. So, when I got the feedback about movin’ away from this bulls***,  I had to reply.

Honestly, I feel like, life is unhappy with me. So I have gone back into not communicating with women, unless it’s linked with business (or unless my savage takes over). Yet, I don’t get it, life. I abstain from so much. No wife, kids, drugs/drinkin’/partyin’, friends, family of my own, or social life. Yet, so much I desire, is weaned away from me, amid an essence, that is intricately aware of everything I do. *sighs* 

I don’t care to discuss much else this entry, except for that, I keep seein’ the number’s 44, & the word, jealousy. I guess such implies balance and jealousy. For what, though??

Jealousy by Roy Wood$ 

Also & lastly, I truly realize that I have no f***** idea what I’m doin’ in regards to romance. So, the move to just not move, nor call, was the right move. Still, there’s a pain….

In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer 



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