Day 12 – 30 Days of Summer

Let me introduce Lamb.  Only my immediate family have ever met her or know her story. She’s a very important part of my story and today holds special meaning for her. 

Today is the day, one year ago, Lamb was given to me by Jade. A lot of last summer is a blurry memory, but on this day Jim and Jade came to my bed and begged me to get up. I had been in bed for 3 days with basically no real food or water, so I was weak and lethargic.  They insisted I get up; Jim wanting to feed me, Jade wanting to wash my sheets.  I remember Jade coming to me and handing me Lamb and saying to take her and cuddle her.  From that moment that crazy little stuffed animal never left my side.  I mean that literally.  I carried her everywhere with me. Held her when I slept, sat with her on the deck, took her in the car, she even travelled to Ontario and Matabanik.  

Jade said to me once; I didn’t give her to you to keep, but I think she knows it’s a done deal now.  There were a few times I thought about maybe it being time to return her but then something else would happen, another stress would surface (there were a lot in this year) and I found myself clutching Lamb for comfort.  

Now she stays in bed during the day, hangs out up there and keeps my pillow warm, but when I turn off the lights and snuggle in to sleep, she’s still cuddled up with me….keeping the bad guys away. 😊

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