I was finally able to get some sleep thanks to Zquil.  I’ve been having some weird and intense dreams (when I do get sleep) thanks to either the Zquil or my heightened state of arousal thanks to Tyler.  I’m still on this weird high from him.  We’ve been talking everyday since we’ve hungout and made plans to see each other on Friday.  I was kind of sad it was so far away but he just asked me to hangout tonight so I’m nervous now but excited.  I’ve never felt this intense for anyone in such a long time.  I feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole.  I’ve never been a fan of 50 Shades of Grey just because it just seems so overrated.  I watched it last night and couldn’t help but think of Tyler.  He just reminds me of that guy so much (not the bondage stuff…that I know of) but he has that intense look and is so poised and has that underlying aura of sensuality.  I feel like I’m under a damn spell or something.  Anyways, I was supposed to hangout with a coworker tonight but I’ll have to cancel because it’ll run into the time I’m supposed to see Tyler.  He’s top priority right now whether I like it or not.  Well, I have a  few things to take care of today and then before I know it, it’ll be time to go.  Hopefully things go as well as they did the first night. 

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