Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of toxicity on Tumblr.

Like I said before, I’ve been recommended some blogs and posts relating to PTSD and trauma. And, while I don’t mind seeing them, they also make me feel rather nauseous and sad, which probably isn’t a good thing since I’m anxious all the time anyway.

But it’s even worse when I jump to Trending and see DD/LG or other such kink/NSFW posts. It’s upsetting and honestly, it weirds me out. I really don’t want to kink shame anybody, but the concept of DD/LG relationships makes me sick and I really don’t need to know anything about it. It also really bothers me that people romanticize Lolita, which is a book about a pedophile and the literal child he abuses. There should never be anything romantic or attractive about pedophilia or child abuse, which is why DD/LG-related things bother me so much. I know some people just like it, but I feel like it’s a gross way of perpetuating pedophilia, even when it’s supposed to be “innocent” and non-sexual (which I doubt).

I also saw a pro-anorexia post today in the Trending section, and I was really surprised to see it. Tumblr blocks posts about LGBTQ+ positivity, but it won’t block actual porn (which has popped up on my dash before) or toxic communities. The post was sickening. It was basically saying that you should choose thinness over food because eating only creates “temporary” happiness but being thin creates “long-lasting, permanent” happiness. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? It’s horrifying that anyone would promote anorexia as a “lifestyle” when it’s a literal disorder that has tons of negative results.

Also, there are an awful lot of TERF blogs on Tumblr. You’d think they’d know to stay away from Tumblr, which has a lot of trans positivity blogs. There are also pedophilia blogs, though, so I guess bad people and perverts and bullies just don’t know when to stay away from the people who are the most likely to hate them with a burning passion.

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