The Rose, The Heart and the Broken Clock

The Rose: Ever see something so beautiful that you can’t help but stop and to admire it? For myself I would say the red rose would be one of those things in life. To me this simple little flower means soo much it represents my passions in life for my music and relationships. It means romance at  the best of its abilities and the pain it brings when touching the thorns.

The Heart: Something soo damaged that I had to get a new one on my arm to replace the old shattered one. something that represents the realism of love I have in my heart even for those who have damaged me.

The Broken clock: My fear of Infinity An irrational one that usually older people get when they face death. Though I face death myself with my suicidal tendencies. i cannot help but admire a broken clock because its finally broken from time itself stopping the time as it can no longer move on.

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