[13.1] ~*Thu – 07/13/17*~

[5:50 pm]

For some reason I didn’t feel like going home after I was done with work. It’s nice outside, not too hot, so I decided to come back at the library to sit outside and read. I had planned on sitting at the upstairs fountain today but to my disappointment it’s under renovation so it’s not working. That said, I’m sitting to the one downstairs but today I’m actually sitting at the fountain hoping the wind would splash a bit of water on me. I’m looking at the water and it’s so hard not to put my feet in it. There’s actually no one around so I could maybe do it real quick. I want to go in a pool or something. I keep looking at the water and I just want to sit in it. 

Beside me wanting to sit in the fountain, the store wants me to close on Mon. Bleh! I guess she’s asking far ahead enough but still. I don’t mind doing it when I’m schedule to do it but it’s when they don’t schedule me and then just ask and assume I will do it. I had planned on mowing my lawn that evening but I guess I’ll go work cause it’s money. I’ll mow the lawn on Tue or Thu. I was just on a roll of doing it on Monday’s. Really I can use the hours since I’ll be taking a day off when mom’s coming. 

Alright, I came here to do some reading so I should get to that as it’s already 6 pm and I still want to do grocery before heading home. 




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